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    Health tourism, globally defined as a type of tourism which covers travels for healthcare services in a different place (in the same country or abroad) than the residence, is one of the main focus areas of the Republic of Turkey, with a target of 2 million health tourists and 20 billion USD revenue in the year of 2023.

    Having reached the world’s highest level of standards in technical, technological and physical, conditions at the medical facilities, 47 of which are accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), the Turkish healthcare services are entrusted to medical professionals who receive very strong theoretical and practical medical education and further strengthen their theoretical experience through participation at national and international congresses and practical experience by continually examining various cases.

    The services that Healthy in Turkey is ready to provide with are as follows:

    • Healthcare services for patients whose treatments would be considered to be more effective abroad: Healthy in Turkey is a medical tourism agency, guiding individuals who wish to receive healthcare services in Turkey. We are ready to accommodate international patients at Turkey’s highest quality private hospitals and to assist them in receiving tailor-made treatment by highly educated and experienced Turkish medical professionals. Even though it is very difficult to name just a couple of specialties the Turkish medicine is the best, we could mention oncology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, organ and bone marrow transplant, neurosurgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, gynecology and obstetrics, plastic,reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, pediatric sciences and surgeries and so on. As Healthy in Turkey, we coordinate the treatment with the hospital and if needed we assist the patients with other arrangements such as flight tickets, accommodation and even touristic activities.

    • Training for international medical professionals:
    Together with our partner hospitals, we could provide with various short-medium term trainings for international medical professionals, namely physicians, nurses and technicians. After a needs assessment and a planning with the hospital, our international colleagues could come to Turkey either as observers or visiting professionals to observe how treatments and surgeries are performed in Turkey. We believe that this would contribute in their professional
    qualifications and assist them in better serving their own patients.